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The best places for rumba in Medellín

There are environments for all tastes and budgets

In addition to being known worldwide as the fashion capital of Colombia, for the beauty of its landscapes, for being an innovative city and for the warmth of its inhabitants, Medellín also gathers good environments for nightlife.

The city has a great variety of establishments with different environments for all tastes and with different plans, for different budgets, being necessary to mention that the municipalities of Envigado, Sabaneta and Itagüí, in the south of the Aburrá Valley and directly connected with Medellín , they have for themselves and tourists, restaurants and stalls of typical food, as well as bars, discos, and karaoke. But let’s focus on Medellín, we offer you a brief review of the main places of the city for rumba and recreation.

Zona Rosa y Parque Lleras

Located in the exclusive sector of El Poblado, it is the main reference of fun and rumba in Medellín and its epicenter is Parque Lleras. There you will find from nightclubs and bars, also cafes and restaurants.

In the center of the park there is a large statue that alludes to the ancient farmers of the region.

Zona Rosa de El Poblado

Avenida Las Palmas

This modern avenue that connects Medellín with eastern Antioquia, is famous not only for its excellent views of the city and the Aburrá Valley, but also for its lively and fun nightlife.

It has several inns, bars and clubs, as well as exclusive restaurants with a good view of the city. There are also informal grocery sales.

Barrio Colombia

Located near the Industriales del Metro station and the Premium Plaza and Punto Clave shopping centers, it is a sector dedicated especially to nightlife.

There are several of the most exclusive clubs in Medellín, more spacious than some of Parque Lleras. You will also find exclusive nightclubs, bars and some restaurants.

Carrera 70.

Carrera 70

Located in the west of Medellín, it is the ideal place to eat the typical “mecato” in the afternoon or have a beer in the small bars there. To spend a fun night with friends there are several fonda nightclubs.

In the circular streets that cross the 70 you can find restaurants for all tastes, and on the same avenue many fast food stands.

Avenida La Playa

Avenida La Playa, in the center of Medellin, is a cultural corridor that leads to the Pablo Tobón Uribe theater.

It has several fast food restaurants, taverns, bars and night clubs to liven up the atmosphere in the nights of the capital of Antioquia.

Avenida La Playa

Calle Colombia

With more than 40 years of life, this street, which crosses the city from east to west, is a pioneer of the rumba in Medellín.

Here there are different establishments of varied music, such as boleros, salsa, mariachis, music of remembrance and contemporary music.

Avenida 33


From where it intersects with the south highway to the roundabout of Carrera 80, there are different sectors, divided by blocks, with very Colombian nightclubs, but with different themes: rock bars, crossover-style discotheques and specific music genres (salsa, mariachis, ballads and contemporary music).

Avenida 80


It is a circumvallation located in the West of Medellín, which runs through the city from north to south.

It has stables, taverns, cafes and small restaurants, as well as stationary and itinerant sales where they are sold, chuzos, hot dogs and hamburgers.