Buy in Medellín

The best places to buy handicrafts in Medellín

They come from all the Colombian regions

Handicrafts will never go out of style and will continue to be a perfect gift, since they transform and set spaces, and enclose and tell stories through their elaboration.

In Medellín you can get a wide variety of handicrafts made in different regions of Colombia, typical of their cultural tradition, suitable as souvenirs, for business gifts, decoration of spaces and even ideal for bridal lists, among others.

We offer below the sites of Medellin where you can buy beautiful crafts at good prices.

Address: Carrera 44 No.19 A-100 MAMM.

Phone: (574) 4188382


Artesanías de Colombia

The Artesanías de Colombia warehouse in the Museum of Modern Art MAMM in Medellín, has become a benchmark for its citizens and a must for tourists arriving in the capital of Antioquia.

In this space you can find the most representative handcrafted products of Colombia, such as the large black Werregue, traditional for its colors, shapes and textures; the famous vueltiao hat made in cane arrow, the wayúu backpacks, the chinchorros and the multicolored hammocks of San Jacinto and the boat of the spirits, among many others.

The beauty and quality of the sample, also composed by thinking banks in the form of animals such as the hummingbird and the turtle, has captivated Brazilians, Mexicans, Europeans and Americans who want to take as a souvenir some of these products laden with symbolism and expressiveness, and made with patience and dedication by the different communities generation after generation.

Address: Vía Las Palmas Km 16 Medellín

Phone: (574) 448 3479


Artesanías Caballo de Troya

Located 20 minutes from Medellin, on the Las Palmas road, which connects the city with the José María Córdova International Airport, the warehouse has spacious, bright and welcoming facilities, with easy access.

It is a business with 30 years of experience that promotes the diverse cultural heritage of Colombia through the sale of handicrafts of the highest quality. There, the visitor can meet and buy representative crafts from all regions of Colombia.

You will find figures, colors, textures and designs of the best master craftsmen. There are 650 artisans from Colombia who make the items that are distributed in the store.

Centro Artesanal Mi Viejo Pueblo

Located in the Junín Passage, one block from Bolivar Park in the center of Medellin, it is the perfect place for tourists to buy souvenirs as a souvenir of their passage through the paisa terroir.

In 80 stores at your service, there you can buy products, such as: typical hats, embroidery, basketry of sugar cane leaf, ponchos, hammocks, as well as accessories and silver jewelry, shells and seeds of the region.

Address: Carrera 49 No. 53-20. Phone:(574) 513 75 63 

Boulevar artesanal San Antonio

Located on the north side of San Antonio Park and near the Metro transfer station, in the heart of Medellín, it offers a wide variety of pieces made by small artisans from the capital of Antioquia.

In this place, easily accessible for any national or foreign visitor, you can find products such as scarves, catch dreams, rings, necklaces, among others, at a great price.

Address: Cl. 44 # 46-50.

Tienda Jardín Botánico

In the store of the Joaquín Antonio Uribe botanical garden, in addition to finding the objects related to nature that are exhibited there, the elements that show the great creative capacity of the Colombian artisans are also given the opportunity.

There are hammocks, kitchen materials, clothing, hats, and other objects of great cultural and artistic value.

Address: Cl. 73 # 51D – 14. (Next to the Universidad del Metro Station). Phone: (+574) 444 55 00.

Artesanías Nutibara

Of obligatory step when you visit the hill Nutibara and its iconic Pueblito Paisa, there you can find the most representative handicrafts, not only of Antioquia, but of Colombia.

Among the wide variety of products that you can find, are: typical hats, embroidery, ponchos, hammocks, accessories and silver jewelry, scarves, dreams, rings, necklaces, kitchen materials, clothing, and hats.

Address: Cl 30 A 55-64 Int 112

Phone: (4) 2659579