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The tradition of Medellín in the textile industry is undeniable, given the appearance, at the dawn of the 20th century, of the most important companies in the sector, such as Coltejer and Fabricato. In addition, thanks to the holding of fairs such as Colombiatex de las Américas and Colombiamoda, the city is a focus of trends in South America.

Currently, in addition to shopping centers such as Sandiego, El Tesoro, Oviedo, Santafe, Los Molinos and Mayorca Mega Plaza, among others, where there are brand stores, famous designers and the latest trends in global fashion, Medellín offers own and strange, specialized sites where you can get fashionable clothes at a great price.

Courtesy De Moda Outlet

De Moda Outlet

With more than 85 commercial premises, cinemas, recreation and food areas, since November 1 began operations in Medellin De Moda Outlet. This shopping center, which occupies a lot of 10,000 m2. It is located in the south of Medellín, near the Olaya Herrera airport.

Two of its three levels are exclusively for fashion, where the present brands have their clothes with discounts of up to 50% all year.

Among the brands present, stand out: Agua Bendita, Touché, Diesel, Marithé François Girbaud, Celio, Puma, Adidas, Nike, Quest, among others.

Address: Calle 16 # 55-129, Olaya Herrera sector. Web:


Vía Primavera

It is the name of race 37, in the sector of Provence (Zona Rosa de El Poblado) and that has become an indisputable reference of fashion and lifestyle in Medellin, by offering select products. It is a growth and learning project initiated by 32 entrepreneurs, which since 2009 has been formalized through a corporation that has the same name as the road.

It is an alternative and authentic place where currently 45 shops, 8 restaurants and several design and advertising offices have seats. It is an “open-air shopping center” where brands come together with creative proposals in fashion, art, design and gastronomy, to offer clothing, footwear, exclusive items and delicious dishes. It is the scene of four bazaars in the year: Celebration of the mother, the day of love and friendship, the traditional Fair of Flowers and the Christmas season.

Address: Carrera 37 # 8 A – 110. Phone: 3176368369.

Outlets de Guayabal, la 65 y la 33

In them you can buy very good products at low prices from large and well-known brands that have opened their stores in those sectors of Medellín.

Company brands such as Leonisa, Mango, Studio F, Naf Naf, Cueros Velez, St Even, Levis, and Ragged stand out, among many others.


Address: Transversal 49C # 59-5, office 301. Phone: (574) 293 33 65 65.                               Web:


Centro Mundial de la Moda

It is an open-air shopping center, which has more than 40 clothing stores at factory prices.

It is managed by Cedemoda, a corporation that brings together all the entrepreneurs that are part of the textile-clothing industrial chain, located between El Ferrocarril Avenue and Colombia Street.

Cedemoda represents the interests of wholesale manufacturers and companies of goods and services in the textile, clothing and fashion sector of that part of the city.

Address: Calle 49 # 56-15. Phone: (574) 5120377 Web:

Centro textil Molino Viejo

It is a consolidated commercial center and positioned as one of the textile leaders in the El Hueco area of the Guayaquil neighborhood, in the center of Medellín, generating development and economic and social growth for the sector, thanks to the quality of the products, services and the attention it provides to its customers.

It offers fabrics, textiles, finished clothes and products for the home at the best prices and quality. With its more than 40 stores, it covers the popular market of traditional dressmakers and that of the big national garment entrepreneurs.

It has a central plaza of 1,000 square meters that is used for fashion shows with alternating walkways to the traditional Colombiamoda and Colombiatex competitions, as well as for assemblies and special presentations with all kinds of samples related to the clothing industry.

  Address: Calle 81 # 52DD-26.                       Phone: (574) 448 9774.                          Web:

Supercentro de la Moda

Since 1989 it is the first fashion outlet in Itagüí, south of the Aburrá Valley, with more than 100 shops and 23 factories.

It offers a wide range of products and services at very competitive prices and attractive for own and tourists.

Products such as jeans, pants, shirts, t-shirts, camisillas, camibusos, busos and dresses, as well as a great variety of shoes and accessories, stand out.